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48 minutes. Still looking for a name…Slice of Pi?

PS I’m still adjusting the microphone so it doesn’t pop when I laugh. Sorry.

PPS A barking dog totally made me lose my train of thought and I didn’t realize it during recording. Leaving it in for observation.

DNC Site

Meet the Press – via Politico

Meet the Press – iTunes Link

NYT – Debt Collectors Cashing In on Student Loans. Note: I should’ve said you can’t default on student loans and have the dept wiped out similar to other loans.

NYT – Student Debt Graphic

DTH – AFAM Department Will Be Renamed Next Year

El Gigante

Tom’s – UNC 


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Apple Stores’ Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay –

Apple Stores’ Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay –

A bit late on this post, in internet time at least.

Let me summarize this article for you: Working for Apple Retail is awesome and sucks at the same time.

My job is cooler than the other stores at the mall and the guys at the food court are mad jellie? Awesome!

I just sold 10 computers today with no commission? Sucks…

Free Apple T-shirts? Awesome!

I need 65% attachment for AppleCare or else my hipster coworkers will judge me? Sucks.

Employee discount? Awesome!

No money to afford computers and have to ask parents for money? Sucks……..

ad nauseum

My tenure at the Apple Store was brief and glorious. I was there long enough to enjoy all the perks without the true downsides of retail work. And don’t get me wrong, all work has downsides. I was just lucky enough to avoid the negatives of this particular industry.  Ten or Eleven dollars an hour isn’t enough to deal with the raving vultures that we commonly call mall shoppers.

This post would probably be more interesting in podcast format. Maybe I should try that out?

The Definition of a Ball Hog

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Looking at the stats for Wednesday’s game, Westbrook had zero net points. Net points are a new metric to me; they basically report offensive and defensive output in one number. In 45 minutes, Westbrook scored 43 points and had 5 assists, which will certainly continue to stir the fire in the media pit.

Westbrook is a point guard. He should be getting the ball to the right people at the right time. The problem is that Westbrook thinks he’s the right guy for every play.

I’m not rooting for the Heat, or the Thunder, but basketball at its core is a team sport.

Note: The only pro ball anyone should watch is the Finals, so this is categorized as random.

iFixit tears down the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display, finds a minor marvel of engineering — Engadget

This article pops up in my RSS feed. I’m intrigued. Click through to the main article. Every single link refers, not to iFixit, but to another Engadget post. Finally, at the bottom, they include a source link. Is this common practice among blogs or is Engadget just trying to up their number of pageviews?

They got a couple of free views out of me.


iFixit tears down the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display, finds a minor marvel of engineering — Engadget.

Brew Day

Brew Day Update

There’s an ungodly amount of heat in Bloomington today. It’s downright immoral. I brewed solo on Thursday to take my mind off job interviews/hunting and it was great stress relief. Now I’m worried that my house has no real climate control. After boiling the future beer, it’s really important to chill it quickly to about room temperature so that the yeast have a happy environment to start pooping out ethanol. Beers can produce some funky esters if they ferment at a higher temperature. The optimum temp is 60-75 degrees F but that’s not practical in the summer. My solution at first was to store it in the basement. When I went downstairs to check on the fermenter a horde of crickets were circled around the carboy, eyeing it, or sniffing it, with delight. It was a very worshipful moment, which I can understand because the beer already tastes pretty good. But, alas, the crickets freaked me out so now the beer is happily bubbling in the bathroom. Again, less than practical.

For the next batch I might build some sort of rudimentary wooden container that wil fit the fermenter in the basement and keep the idolatrous bugs out.

The photo up top is my favorite from the day. It makes me look like I know what I’m doing. Which, surprisingly, I do these days. When it comes to IPAs.

Better Friend Codes, Achievements and More: Nintendo Answers Our Burning Wii U Questions

How meta is it if I link to a site I found through Daring Fireball? Anyway, Gruber notes that a non-multitouch Wii U doesn’t makes sense it the era of iPhone/iPad.

But a non-multitouch Wii U controller also doesn’t make sense in comparison to its nearest engineered neighbor, the Playstation Vita, which does have multitouch capabilities.

Better Friend Codes, Achievements and More: Nintendo Answers Our Burning Wii U Questions.